This page is a gallery of toys knit by people who have made my patterns. I love how everyone is different, with everyone adding their own ideas to my basic pattern.
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Knitter Jean Tucker - Isle of Man

At the beginning of July every year, the island holds a Flower Festival in around different 20 venues.  For 2019 the theme is ‘Working Together’ and I’ve made your bikers for Jurby Church, and written a little verse to go with them.
Thanks for a wonderful pattern.



Poem by Jean Tucker

With his clothes neatly packed at the end of each May
My husband sets off then for dear Belfast Bay,
Where he boards the Manx ferry to join many friends
To watch all the racing from the fast Quarry Bends.

He stays with a family who live in Ballaugh
Reminiscing together of days in the RAF.
While I’m left at home to water the plants,
Keep the house tidy and check on his aunts.

Well I’m sick and tired of being left behind.
While he’s having fun, out of sight, out of mind,
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, that’s working together,
Here I come Ellan Vannin, to your green hills and heather.

The name of their house is LHAG BLAA which means Flowery Hollow in Manx
Ellan Vannin is Manx for the Isle of Man.

Mototcycle Pattern available CLICK HERE


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